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Find the Best Life Insurance Quotes in Tallahassee, FL

Life insurance secures the financial future of your family and loved ones when you pass away. A good life insurance company helps you understand which policy type is right for your budget and desired coverage. We researched the best life insurance in Tallahassee so your family is financially protected if tragedy strikes.

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How to choose life insurance in Tallahassee

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It’s devastating when someone you love dies unexpectedly. In addition to dealing with paralyzing emotions, the financial struggles from losing a primary breadwinner can make the grieving process more difficult to bear. Life insurance provides a financial security blanket for surviving family members so they can focus on getting through a difficult transition.

Life insurance in Tallahassee is typically paid out in a lump sum. This money can help cover funeral costs, which can easily exceed $10,000. Life insurance payouts may also be used for:

  • Debts left behind by the deceased
  • Income replacement
  • Special ongoing needs
  • Daily expenses
  • Housing costs
  • Education funds

Types of life insurance in Tallahassee

The two principal types of life insurance in Tallahassee are term life and whole life policies.

  • Term life insurance provides insurance coverage for a specified period. If you're interested in continuing death benefits after coverage ends, you may be able to renew the policy for another term at a higher cost. Typical life insurance term lengths are five, 10, 15 or 30 years. If the plan is not renewed, it becomes inactive and beneficiaries do not receive any money upon your death.
  • Whole life insurance, also known as permanent life insurance, gives lifetime coverage from the moment your policy starts as long as you keep paying the policy's fixed premiums. Whole life insurance policies also gather cash value which can be withdrawn or borrowed. These policies are more expensive because they provide a guaranteed return on investment.

The cost of life insurance in Tallahassee

The price of life insurance in Tallahassee is determined by a combination of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Medical history
  • Hazardous profession or hobbies
  • Type of policy
  • Death benefit

It's essential to verify if your insurance policy has a waiting period. Some plans in Tallahassee have waiting periods of up to two years after the policy first takes effect. If you die within that time, your beneficiaries only receive the amount of the premiums paid into the policy up until that point. Designated recipients receive full benefits after the waiting period is over.

Choosing a life insurance company in Tallahassee

In general, you want to choose a financially stable company. These are usually A+ or A++ rated AM Best companies such as Prudential Financial, New York Life Insurance Group and Metlife that Tallahassee residents can count on still being in business in the future. Other factors to consider are how long the company has been in business and reviews from current customers.

The Florida Department of Financial Services has a list of other terms to be familiar with when researching the right policy for you. Users can also use their website to verify that the agent you’re doing business with has an active Florida license.

Life Insurance Reviews


Policygenius is an independent insurance broker that uses the customer’s needs to find the best policy for them. The company is dedicated to transparency and honesty, and it compares coverage and quotes from a variety of companies at one time. Waco reviewers recommend the company for its straightforward and stress-free experience.



EverQuote’s free online life insurance comparison system is quick and simple to use. Customers fill out a quote request, and EverQuote matches the customer with several companies that provide the best policies for their needs. Waco residents appreciate the variety of options, but some note excessive sales calls after submitting an application.