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Find the Best Renters Insurance in Tallahassee, FL

Renters insurance protects you from financial loss if something happens within your home. An excellent rental insurance provider is transparent about policy terms and makes it easy to file a claim and receive your money. We researched the best renters insurance in Tallahassee so you never have to panic about your finances when disaster strikes.

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How to choose rental insurance in Tallahassee

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Over 60 percent of renters nationwide do not have a renters insurance policy. While a landlord’s insurance policy takes care of structural and cosmetic damage, you are unprotected when perils like water from broken pipes, theft or fire ruin your belongings or someone gets injured in your home. Even fires that don’t fully breach your apartment or house can ruin most of your things through smoke and soot damage.

Items such as your clothing, high-end electronics and furniture alone can cost $10,000 or more to replace.

Losing your belongings can be devastating for the many college students in Tallahassee who rent apartments in areas near Florida State University like Campus Circle and even midtown Tallahassee.

Similarly, Tallahassee's senior citizens on a retirement budget may find it equally overwhelming to replace a lifetime of belongings.

Renters insurance in Tallahassee also covers you if any visitors or their belongings are hurt while in your home and potentially compensates you for temporary living arrangements should you have to leave your apartment or house because it’s uninhabitable.

It's crucial that tenants in Tallahassee are aware of what their renters insurance policy likely doesn’t cover, including damage from:

  • Natural disasters common to Tallahassee, such as flooding from a named storm and sinkholes
  • Sewer backups or the cleanup associated with it
  • Pests including rodents and bedbugs

The Florida Department of Financial Services has a toolkit tenants can use to get more renters insurance information and how to start the claims process.

How much does renters insurance cost in Tallahassee?

With renters insurance, the cost to replace your personal belongings could be as low as the price of the insurance policy, an average of $181 per year in Florida. Factors that may influence the price of your renters insurance in Tallahassee include:

  • Coverage selections
  • Deductible amounts
  • Type of residence
  • Pets in the home
  • Location
  • Credit scores

When taking out a policy, you must choose between replacement cost and actual cash value. Replacement cost reimburses you for the item’s price at the time of purchase, while actual cash value reimburses you for the depreciated value of your item. If you choose the former, it’s essential to save your receipts.

Typical coverage levels are $30,000 for personal property and $100,000 for liability. However, standard policies may not include high-value items such as diamond rings or collections of artwork. To protect these items, supplemental insurance, called a rider or floater policy, can be added to your plan for an additional cost.

Most insurers provide discounts on bundled policies, and some may reduce premiums if there are security systems, fire safety devices or other risk-reducing elements in the home.

Renters Insurance Reviews


Policygenius's tailored renters insurance quotes and online calculator let you know exactly how much coverage you need. Policy premiums can also lower if you have safety features in your home like deadbolt locks and smoke detectors. Reviewers enjoyed the service’s transparent renters insurance quotes detailing what the policy covers.



EverQuote's 3-step process makes it easy to obtain renters insurance quotes in minutes. EverQuote also helps you determine what policies will best meet your needs. However, reviewers were frustrated with the volume of calls they received from various companies after using EverQuote. Many were also unhappy that they needed to reenter their personal information on a potential provider's website for exact renters insurance quotes.